Life takes place outdoors

The widest activity programme in Hintertux

Right at the foot of the Hintertux glacier, far away from the hustle and bustle and in a quiet location. Winter holidays here with us are a mix of excitement and relaxation. In order to let you experience the most beautiful downhill runs and the most impressive tours, Pavol and Frank will guide you in your ski fun in Austria’s only all-year ski region.

Active in winter


You prefer to be outside and want to get to know winter from all sides? You are not afraid of the cold and even less of the new? In Hintertux your desires will be answered and even surpassed. The eternal winter will await you on the Hintertux glacier and with your hosts you can set off on great experiences 7 days a week.

Nothing is as granted as winter in Hintertux. And because winter has different facets, Pavol and Frank will show you that we can do more than “just” skiing. Insider knowledge about our glacier world in the beautiful Zillertal valley are of course included! Taster courses for cross-country skiers, snowboarding in the best snow parks of Europe, ice skating, ski guiding and ski touring or a cheery run on the sledge – winter in Hintertux is what you make it. The silent side of winter can be experienced during snow shoe and winter hiking through the deeply snow-covered landscape.

For your perfect equipment simply go to the sports shop Sport Nenner or Intersport Hintertux where you can buy and rent state-of-the-art equipment.

“You don’t have to be an outdoor freak to discover winter for yourself but I will show the most beautiful sides of winter to everyone, whether on skis, snowboard, cross-country skis, with snow shoes or in hiking boots. Being active means pure lust for life and it is healthy on top!”

PAVOL, the allrounder when it comes to winter feeling

Fascinating glacier

The fact that four seasons can make something so wonderful out of a landscape is probably due to nature’s magic itself. If your gaze wanders far upwards, the splendour of the Hintertux glacier looms majestically white. Here the eternal ice rests at 3,250 metres above sea level. On the trail of the mysterious glacier world - the hike across the eternal ice with the state-certified mountain guide is an experience that you will only find at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten.

Early Bird skiing with your hostess Silvia


Jump out of your bed early in the morning – Silvia will take you up into the mountain world and show you the most beautiful slopes. Once from the very top, from 3,200 metres, and then skiing down directly in front of the ski cellar. Skiing with Silvia, hostess at the Vierjahreszeiten, is the name of the game every Friday morning. Draw your first lines on the freshly groomed slopes, experience the first rays of sun on the mountain peaks and arrive with a smile at the Vierjahreszeiten, where the richly laid breakfast table will already be waiting for our early risers!