Our winter active program

The Vierjahreszeiten Winter-Highlights

Nordic Walking & healthful winter hikes

We will join you on a walk through a Tux Valley blanketed deep in snow. Countless quiet places await us for a rendezvous in the midst of this alpine world . Nordic Walking poles are supplied. You’ll have lots of fun as you pick up the basics of this popular new sport. You are sure to quickly become a fan as well! High spirits and a great time are guaranteed.

Glacier tour 

As of December, we’ll start out for 72 km of slopes spanning 15.000 vertical meters . Every Wednesday is a day of superlatives. Toni will guide you through the "Ski & Glacier World Zillertal 3000". Skiing is what it’s all about.

Ski expedition to the Frauenwand and Weisse Wand

In spring, depending on snow conditions, you’ll have an opportunity to tackle those pristine slopes of “firn” snow. Together with Toni, who will supply you with touring skis and skins free of charge, you will be able to experience skiing in its most traditional form. The panoramas are breathtaking and those endorphins will be swirling around in your body like a snow storm!

Glacier ski day - out hotel ski day

You are guaranteed to experience an unforgettable day together.

Hike by torchlight

So, after our dinner, we’ll take a leisurely torchlight walk to Hintertux and back. Popular with young and old alike – after all, who doesn’t like to hear the crunch of snow beneath their feet?

The torches shed a warm light upon our path.
Holidays the way they are supposed to be.

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Heute für Sie an der Rezeption


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